Astrology predictions and personalized horoscopes

Astrology predictions and personalized horoscopesBUY NOW!!! -

Astrology Predictions

There are some events in life that we have no control over and there are some others over which we can exercise some degree of influence by using our Free will. I can tell you what lies ahead and show you how to use this effectively to improve your quality of life.

With a knowledge of astrology, you can know the good and not so good horoscopes for Love, Money, Health, Career, Business, Travel, Baby horoscopes and everything else. You can know which are the careers you will be successful in.
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Magic | alchemy meditations

AlchemyMeditations.comBUY NOW!!! -

This is a very powerful exercise given by prominent Qabalist Israel Regardie as a method for visualizing and stimulating each Chakra individually.

Included in this exercise are images/sigils custom made on photoshop to add intensity to the exercise by tying it to a prefabricated symbol of the powers of the Chakra.. Check this out!!
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vandepe style | mantras

vandepe styleBUY NOW!!! -

These Mantras are often being used in meditating in order to help someone reach a clear and calm state of the mind that promotes awareness, which is a characteristic of absolute meditative state. These words originated from the Yoga, Tantric, and Vedic traditions and have become more and more popular around the world.

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Quranic Bridges to Christ | follower of Christ

Quranic Bridges to ChristBUY NOW!!! -

His boldness and passion were contagious and I continued to work with him and learned how to effectively communicate the Muslims Gospel.

Follower of Christ Talks Abut Muslims Gospel

Perhaps the most amazing thing that occurred during this initial learning phase, (beyond seeing Muslims choose to be whole-heartedly follower of Christ), is the transformation that occurred in my own heart. I really learned to love Muslims. I learned to find common ground with them and to gently lead them instead of competing and fighting with them as I had formerly done. Using the Quran to lead men to Jesus and the Bible has allowed me to see more fruit for God’s Kingdom and to grow in Christ personally. After years of practicing and refining this approach I’ve compiled the best of the best and made them available in eBook format. I’ve personally taught these truths to many groups and they are truly field tested. As I’ve travelled and taught these truths throughout the Middle East I’ve been very careful not to deceive Muslims about my own faith, or my intentions.

Muslims know how I feel about the Quran. They know I don’t call myself a Muslim, but a sincere follower of Christ. He alone is my Lord and Savior and there is no Savior or way to God but by Him.

There’s plenty of information out there that teaches people how to win arguments with Muslims and disprove the Quran, or highlight its errors. That is not the purpose of this eBook. I wrote this book because this approach works. I’ve seen it work countless times. It’s not the best, or the only approach to Muslim evangelism, but it is one that bears fruit. Once you see the numerous, time tested bridges between Islam and Jesus Christ, you’ll know why this method works. One of my biggest honors has been teaching former Muslims who have trusted in Christ these exact truths about Jesus Christ in the Quran. They personalize the approach and deliver it in a most powerful way. The underlying truths I learned from Timothy years ago remain the same. We talk of God’s Kingdom, build upon the Muslim view of Jesus and what Islam says about Jesus, and lead men across the various verses, or bridges, from the Quran to Christ. It’s simply amazing.
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Reading Tarot Cards, meanings, definitions, explanations of each card and spreads with Amanda Goldston

Reading Tarot Cards, meanings, definitions, explanations of each card and spreads with Amanda GoldstonBUY NOW!!! -

Learning To Read Tarot Cards Quickly With Amanda Goldston

3) Future outcomes and empowered decision making. Understand the likely outcomes of NOT making andy chnages and explore possible future outcomes to make the best decisions for you BEFORE you take action.

The “Develop Your Intuition Through the Tarot” course consists of downloadable workbook. It is fully illustrated with the meanings of all the cards in the Rider Waite Smith deck of tarot cards, as well as plenty of space for you to write your own notes.
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